Elevate Health

Elevate Health is a publication of the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition’s (PCSFN) Science Board focused on fitness, sports and nutrition.

PCSFN stopped publishing new issues in 2016, but you can explore past Elevate Health issues in our virtual library below. You’ll need the free Adobe Reader or another PDF reader.

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2016 Elevate Health Issues

Special Edition 2016: Developing Physical Literacy in Community Settings: Two Regions Piloting Progressive Approaches [PDF - 4.5 MB]

Summer 2016: Physical Activity for Social Engagement in Older Americans [PDF - 3.7 MB]

Spring 2016: Healthy Foods and Beverages for Youth in Sports [PDF - 3.6 MB]

2015 Elevate Health Issues

Fall 2015: Older Adults – Nutrition and Physical Activity Approaches to Improving Bone Health, Musculoskeletal Health, and Reducing Falls [PDF - 3.2 MB]

June 2015: Injuries and Adverse Events in Sports Activities: Preventive Strategies for Young Athletes [PDF - 3.6 MB]

March 2015: Healthy Nutrition: From Farm to Fork [PDF - 4.1 MB]

2014 Elevate Health Issues

December 2014: Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain [PDF - 2.6 MB]

October 2014: A Focus and Pathway to Inclusive Physical Activity for People with Disabilities [PDF - 3.7 MB]

September 2014: Special Edition - Sports for All: Summary of the Evidence of Psychological and Social Outcomes of Participation [PDF - 3.9 MB]

June 2014: Masters Athletes: Competitive Sports and Sports Nutrition for Older Adults [PDF - 3.8 MB]

March 2014: Room for Improvement: Americans' Dietary Patterns and Food Environment [PDF - 2.8 MB]

Before 2014

Elevate Health was published by the President’s Council under the name Research Digest until 2013. You can find past issues of Research Digest on the National Fitness Foundation website.