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About the Playbook

In the Move Your Way Community® Playbook, you’ll find lots of practical guidance about implementing a local Move Your Way campaign — including tips to help you:

  • Connect with local partners and find new ways to collaborate
  • Brainstorm creative implementation strategies
  • Secure funding and leverage existing community resources
  • Engage with community members through events and social media activities
  • Evaluate your activities to improve future physical activity initiatives

Feel free to adapt your approach to match your organization’s needs and resources. Whether you're implementing a Move Your Way campaign alone or with a team, for 6 months or 6 weeks, across your state or in your school district, you can find an approach that works for you. Want to plan a big community launch event and organize committees to help you pull it off? Great! The playbook will guide you through it. Can’t commit to a full community launch right now? That’s okay — you can pick and choose the activities and resources that work for you.

Community-based initiatives make a difference

Research shows that community-based physical activity initiatives can achieve longer-lasting behavior change than strategies that focus on individual behavior alone. Through cross-sector collaboration, communities can make it easier for people to be active where they live, learn, work, and play. That’s why the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) designed the Move Your Way campaign and playbook using a community-based prevention marketing framework.

Community-based prevention marketing uses principles of social marketing and community organizing to work with communities — not just in communities — to build effective public health initiatives.

Since 2019, ODPHP has collaborated with 10 different local health departments and community organizations to pilot test and evaluate this implementation strategy. This playbook incorporates successful strategies and lessons learned from these pilot communities so you can build on their achievements. Learn about what the Move Your Way campaign looked like in the pilot communities.

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