Walk. Run. Dance. Play. What's your move?

Everyone needs physical activity to stay healthy. But it can be hard to find the time in your busy routine.

The Move Your Way tools, videos, and fact sheets on this page have tips that make it easier to get a little more active. And small changes can add up to big health benefits!

No matter who you are, you can find safe, fun ways to get active — to move your way.

Find tools and resources:

For adults:

Get moving today

Physical activity can make daily life better. So get more active — and start feeling better right away!

  • Boost your mood
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve your sleep

How much activity do adults need?

Moderate-intensity aerobic activity *

Anything that gets your heart beating faster counts.

At least 150 minutes a week
icon-biking icon-swimming icon-mowingthelawn icon-wheelchairrunning icon-gardening

Muscle-strengthening activity

Do activities that make your muscles work harder than usual.

At least 2 days a week
icon-liftingweights icon-bodyweightexercises

* If you prefer vigorous-intensity aerobic activity (like running), aim for at least 75 minutes a week.

Ready to get started?

Use our interactive tool to build your weekly activity plan.

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For parents:

Get your kids moving

You know kids need physical activity to grow up strong and healthy.

But did you know it can help them feel better right away?

  • Better sleep
  • Better mood
  • Better grades

And when you move with your kids, you get the health benefits, too!

How much activity do kids need?

Kids and teens ages 6 to 17 need 60 minutes of activity every day.

Most of their 60 minutes can be moderate-intensity aerobic activity — anything that gets their heart beating faster counts.

And at least 3 days a week, encourage them to step it up to vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, so they’re breathing fast and their heart is pounding.

As part of their daily 60 minutes, kids and teens also need:

Muscle-strengthening activity
at least 3 days a week

Anything that makes their muscles work harder counts — like climbing or swinging on the monkey bars.


Bone-strengthening activity
at least 3 days a week

Bones need pressure to get stronger. Running, jumping, and other weight-bearing activities all count.

Help your kids move more

Use our interactive graphic to see how they can get the recommended 60 minutes a day.

Learn the basics

What is Move Your Way?

Move Your Way is a physical activity campaign from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to promote the recommendations from the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.

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