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Current Council Photos

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PCSFN Swearing In at EEOB with White House and HHS leadership — June 2023

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PCSFN Members — June 2023

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PCSFN Community Event — June 2023

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PCSFN Community Event — June 2023

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PCSFN Community Event — June 2023

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White House Soccer Event — July 2023

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Feast & Fitness — November 2023

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Kitchen Crossover Judges — November 2023

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Kitchen Crossover Judges and Teams — November 2023

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Council Videos

Watch videos from the current PCSFN.

Introducing the President's Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition

4 Things to Know About PCSFN

PCSFN Feast & Fitness Webinar

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Previous Council Photos

View photos from the PCSFN during previous presidential administrations.

President Carter with the Council

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President George H. W. Bush at Great American Workout Kickoff — May 1990

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President Clinton jogging with Council members

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President Clinton listens to Council Co-Chair Florence Griffith Joyner

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President George W. Bush with Council

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President George W. Bush at Council event

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President Obama at Council briefing

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President Obama and PCSFN members at White House

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FLOTUS Michelle Obama hula hoops at White House Event

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Trump Admin White House Sports & Fitness Day

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Council members and staff at Nationals Youth Baseball Academy

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