Move Your Way® Community Resources

The Move Your Way® campaign is the promotional campaign for the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Our goal is to help people live healthier lives through increased physical activity.

Use the resources in this section to learn more about the campaign and how you can use it to communicate with your audiences about physical activity — whether that means distributing materials to community members, hosting a local event, or sharing information with patients at your practice.

Campaign Materials

Find Move Your Way materials in English and Spanish that you can use to promote physical activity to your audiences.

Community Playbook

Learn how you can implement the Move Your Way campaign in your community.

Partner Promotion Toolkit

Get tips to help promote the Move Your Way campaign to your networks.

Move Your Way

Consumer Microsite

The Move Your Way microsite is designed specifically for consumers and offers tips and tools to help people get more active.

Share the microsite with your networks.

Move Your Way® and the Move Your Way logo are registered service marks of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. HHS encourages organizations and individuals to download, print, and distribute Move Your Way materials. You can swap out photos or add your organization’s logo through the CDC State and Community Health Media Center. If you have questions about using Move Your Way materials or want to create your own, please contact us.