Quality Guidelines

ODPHP is committed to providing its audiences with reliable, high-quality information. One of the ways that ODPHP achieves this goal is by applying the following website quality guidelines to health.gov and its microsites. 

Clearly state the purpose of the site, its intended audiences, and who is responsible for updating and maintaining it 

  • ODPHP provides information about their sites’ purposes and intended audiences — including a page, About ODPHP, that explains ODPHP’s mission and names ODPHP as responsible for health.gov and its microsites 
  • ODPHP provides a webform where users can ask questions or share feedback about health.gov and its microsites
  • ODPHP doesn’t accept paid advertising or content on health.gov or its microsites
    • Note: ODPHP may link to web content supported by an organization that accepts advertisements on its site, as long as the ads on the site don’t undermine ODPHP’s mission or goals, and the resource itself is ad-free

Ensure that ODPHP’s sites are easy to use and provide relevant, accessible information

  • ODPHP provides information that’s clear, accessible, and relevant to their audiences
  • ODPHP ensures that their sites are well organized, and easy to navigate 
  • ODPHP ensures that their sites are accessible to a wide public audience, including people with disabilities
  • ODPHP also regularly evaluates their sites and updates them based on user feedback, testing, and usability best practices

Ensure that the information on ODPHP’s sites is reliable and current

  • ODPHP reviews, maintains, and updates their sites regularly to ensure that information is current and up to date  
  • ODPHP’s web content is informed by evidence-based practice and policy and reviewed by subject matter experts from across the federal government

Protect users’ personal information

  • ODPHP has a clear privacy policy that explains the steps ODPHP takes to protects users’ personal information

Provide disclaimers and a linking policy

  • ODPHP’s disclaimers include language explaining that ODPHP doesn’t provide medical advice or control the information found on external websites
  • ODPHP’s linking policy explains how ODPHP evaluates content on other sites and decides what sites to link to