National Health Initiatives

At ODPHP, we set the nation’s priorities for preventing disease and improving the health of all Americans. Through our national health initiatives, we work closely with our partners — both inside and outside HHS — on strategies to improve health, reduce health disparities, and advance health equity. 

This work includes setting national health objectives, helping Americans stay healthy as they get older, and taking steps to make sure people can understand and use health information.

Learn more about our national health initiatives:

  • Healthy People. Since 1979, Healthy People has been the nation’s premier public health initiative. Through Healthy People, we set measurable national health objectives every decade.
  • Healthy Aging. Promoting health in older Americans is key to the health of the nation. Because of this, we support efforts designed to help older adults live longer and stay healthy.
  • Health Literacy. Making sure people understand health information is one of our top priorities. That’s why we provide tools and resources to help health professionals communicate clearly and help improve people’s health literacy skills.