Physical Activity Guidelines

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans (PAG or the Guidelines) are an essential resource for health professional and policymakers. Based on the latest science, they provide guidance on how children and adults can improve their health through physical activity. Learn ways to help consumers understand the benefits of physical activity and how to make it a part of their regular routine.

Update on the PAG Advisory Committee

The process for developing the second edition of the Guidelines is officially underway. You can get involved by attending the first Advisory Committee meeting [PDF - 180 KB], which will be held on July 14 and 15, in person or by webcast. Register today!

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Recharging the Electronic Generation

In today’s world where students’ lives are cluttered with part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and social media, sometimes they neglect the basics for thriving: eating healthy and staying physically active. As a result, too many students come to school with low energy levels and are not ready to learn. Summer time is the ideal time to “recharge” their batteries before heading back to school.

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Our Initatives

Current Guidelines

The PAG provide science-based guidance to professionals about the amount and types of physical activity Americans need to be healthy.

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Midcourse Report on Strategies for Youth

This report builds on the PAG, offering ways to boost physical activity in children and teens where they live, learn, and play.

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