Workshop 2 Transcript

Short on time? Want to make foods quicker than a fast food line? Want to make them healthy too? I’m going to show you how to make them simple, make them right, and make them quick!

Now, ready for a speedy supper? Make pasta plus! Instead of using store-bought pasta sauce that’s loaded with extra sugar and sodium, I make my own healthy sauce and in a jiffy.

Just take 2 cans of no salt added, diced tomatoes. Add some onions and peppers, already cooked for about 5 minutes in a little olive oil. Then add your garlic and your spices like oregano and basil.

Toss in cooked extra lean ground turkey or cooked chicken breast. Then simmer.

I use whole-wheat pasta. Much better for you!

Soon you will have a nutritious meal that your family will love. Mine does!

Now, how about fish in a flash? Start with a can of tuna or salmon. Add some chopped onion and celery and one slightly beaten egg.

Crush up 3 or 4 whole-wheat crackers. Add to your fish.

Make into a patty. Cook in a pan with a little bit of olive oil until crispy. Voila! A healthy dish in under 10 minutes.

Less time in the kitchen means more time to do other things that you enjoy. Cooking quick and healthy meals left me with enough time to take up a hobby! What are you doing for dinner tonight?

For more information, go to www dot health dot gov forward slash dietary guidelines. This presentation was brought to you by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.