Toolkit for Health Professionals

Health professionals have a key role in encouraging healthy food and beverage choices since nutrition is one of the best tools we have to prevent and to help reduce the risk of chronic disease. Use these materials to start a conversation and share key messages with your patients, clients, and peers on the evidence-based nutrition guidance found in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020–2025

All materials are available in English and Spanish. 

For Health Professionals

Talk to Your Patients About Healthy Eating

This guide includes nutrition tips and conversation starters for dietitians, nurses, doctors, and other providers working with the public.

For Patients or Clients

Build Healthy Eating Routines Across the Lifespan

These handouts provide tips to help people eat healthy at all stages of life. 

Cut Down on Added Sugars, Sodium, and Saturated Fat

These materials offer people guidance for lowering the amounts of added sugars, sodium (salt), and saturated fat they eat.

Make Healthy Drink Choices

This guide provides tips for choosing healthy drink options.