Want to print the playbook?

The playbook includes both web content and downloadable resources. If you want to print a copy of the entire playbook, it's a 2-step process:

Guiding Models of Move Your Way

Check out this resource to better understand the theory and rationale behind the campaign.

Sample Pitch Language

Use or adapt this sample language when you pitch your campaign to prospective donors, partners, and volunteers.

Campaign Talking Points

Share these talking points with anyone who speaks on behalf of your campaign — like guest speakers at events or team members who do media interviews.

Recruitment Email

Copy and paste this sample email language and adapt it as needed to reach people who can help support your campaign.

Master Task List

Use this checklist to guide priority tasks in the months before and after the campaign launch event.

Partnership Tip Sheets

Check out these tips on partnering effectively with community-based organizations, schools, and worksite wellness programs.

Process Evaluation Survey

Use this survey to help you evaluate your community campaign and keep track of key efforts — like where you distribute materials and how partners plan to use them.

Intercept Interview Guide

Use this guide to gather feedback from attendees at your campaign events.