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Promoting Physical Activity During the Winter Season and COVID-19 Pandemic

Two people are dancing inside.

Although Americans may be facing barriers to getting active due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recommended social distancing measures, the winter season can present unique opportunities to discover new ways to move that are fun for people of all ages. Even while wearing a mask and following social distancing guidelines, people may find they enjoy bundling up for activities like ice skating, sledding, or walking outside...

CARTEEH and Healthy People: Addressing Transportation’s Impact on Health

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At the Center for Advancing Research in Transportation Emissions, Energy, and Health (CARTEEH), cross-sector collaboration is key. CARTEEH’s work focuses on how transportation infrastructure and emissions affect human health — bringing transportation and health professionals together to tackle high-priority projects.

Wyandotte County Makes Creative Connections in Move Your Way® Community Campaign

In 2020, ODPHP worked with 8 pilot communities to implement the Move Your Way® campaign on the local level, using the Move Your Way Community Playbook. Due to COVID-19, pilot communities adapted their campaigns to help people stay safe while getting active. This series highlights local events and initiatives from the community pilot program — including creative ways to promote physical activity during social distancing...

Big Cities Health Coalition and Healthy People: Making Data Accessible to Urban Health Departments

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This post is part of Healthy People in Action, a blog series highlighting how key stakeholders use the Healthy People framework in their work, form cross-sector collaborations, and address social determinants of health to help achieve health equity.