The State of Health Among Older Americans

Health and Well-Being Matter

“Twelve years ago, we asked ourselves the question, ‘Can a community be healthy if its seniors are not?’ That led us to our first spotlight report, and several have come since then.” - Dr. Rhonda Randall, Senior Medical Advisor to America’s Health Rankings & United Health Foundation Board Member

I am happy to introduce another entry in our quarterly vlog series, where we engage with partners in the public and private sectors to discuss the ways in which we can collaborate to advance our collective mission to promote greater health equity and well-being for all people.

Following up our observance of Older Americans Month in May, I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Rhonda Randall, Senior Advisor to America’s Health Rankings and United Health Foundation Board Member, about America’s Health Rankings’ recently released 2024 Senior Report, which takes a comprehensive look at the health of older Americans across all demographics. As you will hear in our discussion, the report’s findings are fascinating and encouraging, while providing valuable insights on where and how we can improve health outcomes for older populations.

You can learn more about the United Health Foundation here, and read America’s Health Rankings’ 2024 Senior Report here

For more information on ODPHP’s initiatives designed to help people stay healthy as they get older, please explore our Healthy Aging pages. 

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