October 2022

Healthy People 2030 Seeks Public Input on Proposed New Objective

Healthy People 2030

HHS is seeking written comments on a proposed new objective for Healthy People 2030. HHS invites members of the public — both individuals and organizations — to provide comments about the new objective for HHS to consider. This objective is currently a research objective, SDOH-R02. Transitioning the objective to core status will allow a target to be established and progress toward achieving the target to be tracked.

Cancer Prevention and Healthy People 2030: Goals, Objectives, and Implementation

Healthy People 2030

On September 14 the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) hosted the third installment of the Healthy People 2030 Webinar Series, Cancer Prevention and Healthy People 2030: Goals, Objectives, and Implementation.

K-State Research and Extension and Healthy People: Helping Kansans Access Nutritious Foods

Healthy People 2020.

This post describes how K-State Research and Extension, a Healthy People 2030 Champion ,contributed to progress toward Healthy People 2020 objectives—as well as Healthy People 2030 objectives under the social determinants of health domain Economic Stability.

Take a Page out of Move Your Way’s Playbook: Actionable Strategies to Promote Physical Activity in Your Community

Move Your Way

We developed the Move Your Way Community Playbook, an implementation guide to help organizations plan for, conduct, and evaluate physical activity campaigns and activities. The playbook offers tips and resources for any community organization — no matter its size, budget, or prior experience with physical activity programs.