May 2020

June National Health Observances: Alzheimer’s Disease, Safety, Sickle Cell, and HIV Testing

NHO Spotlight

Help spread the word about Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, National Safety Month, World Sickle Cell Day, and National HIV Testing Day in June. Each month, we feature select National Health Observances (NHOs) that align with our priorities for improving health across the nation. The NHOs in our June roundup help raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease, injury prevention, sickle cell disease, and HIV testing...

NEW DATE: Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Draft Report Meeting

The Committee’s Draft Report Meeting Now Scheduled for June 17, 2020 The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee’s draft report webcast meeting, originally scheduled for Monday, June 8, will now take place via webcast on Wednesday, June 17, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. EDT. Registration will open soon. The meeting will include updates on the Committee’s draft conclusion statements (see below), and Committee deliberations and decisions regarding their draft advisory report...

Local Move Your Way Campaign Kicks Off in Streator, Illinois

In 2020, ODPHP is working with 8 pilot communities to implement the Move Your Way campaign on the local level, using the Move Your Way Community Playbook. Due to COVID-19, pilot communities are adapting their campaigns to help people stay safe while they get active. This series will highlight local events and initiatives from the community pilot program — including creative ways to promote physical activity during social distancing...

Regulating Alcohol Outlet Density: The Buckhead Community’s Efforts to Reduce Violent Crime

Legal and policy approaches can be important tools for achieving healthier communities. A new report—The Role of Law and Policy in Reducing Deaths Attributable to Alcohol to Reach Healthy People’s Substance Abuse Goals in the United States—provides evidence-based information and identifies priority areas that can help communities achieve Healthy People objectives.