Healthy People

Since 1980, the Healthy People initiative has set measurable objectives to improve the health and well-being of people nationwide. At the beginning of every decade, we launch a new iteration of the initiative that addresses the latest public health priorities and challenges. 

Healthy People 2030 is the initiative’s fifth iteration.

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The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) recently released statistical methods and analytical tools that were instrumental in setting transparent, data-driven targets for Healthy People 2030 on a national level. NCHS – ODPHP’s data partner for Healthy People -- released these resources to aid public health decision makers in setting targets for their communities at state or local levels throughout the next decade...

National Association of County and City Health Officials: Helping Local Public Health Agencies Use Healthy People

Healthy People in Action

This post is part of Healthy People in Action, a blog series highlighting how key partners use the Healthy People framework in their work, form cross-sector collaborations, and address social determinants of health to help achieve health equity.

Just Released: Healthy People 2030’s Leading Health Indicators and Overall Health and Well-Being Measures


On December 10, HHS released a new subset of objectives and a new set of health measures as part of the Healthy People 2030 initiative: Leading Health Indicators (LHIs) and Overall Health and Well-Being Measures (OHMs). Together, LHIs and OHMs will help public health and health care professionals, businesses, policymakers, national organizations, and community leaders set priorities and track nationwide progress toward improving health and well-being...