Introducing… Healthy People in Action!

Healthy People 2030’s partners and communities nationwide are working hard to help us realize Healthy People’s vision of a society in which all people can achieve their full potential for health and well-being across the lifespan. And now you can read all about their efforts in our Healthy People in Action blog posts!  

Through these posts, you’ll learn how organizations and communities across the country are working to improve health, reduce health disparities, and achieve health equity. You’ll also get information about the latest Healthy People news and events.

In addition, when you read our Healthy People in Action posts, you’ll learn about a variety of strategies for addressing Healthy People 2030 topics and objectives. Now when you view a particular topic or objective on the Healthy People site, you’ll see related Healthy People in Action posts. 

Check out all 3 categories of Healthy People in Action posts:

Explore the posts to find inspiration and practical ways for addressing Healthy People 2030 topics and objectives in your own work. To find out when Healthy People in Action blog posts are published, sign up for email updates.

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