Use Healthy People 2030 in Your Work

Communities, states, and organizations across the country use Healthy People objectives to set their own priorities — and you can, too. Our graphic explains the practical ways Healthy People 2030 can help you improve health and well-being through your work.

How to Use Healthy People 2030 in Your Work

1. Identify needs and priority populations

  • Browse objectives to learn about national goals to improve health
  • See how national goals align with your priorities
  • Consider focusing on groups affected by health disparities

Use this information to make the case for your program, secure resources, and build partnerships.

2. Set your own targets

  • Find data related to your work
  • Use national data to set goals for your program

Healthy People 2030 establishes objectives and targets for the entire United States, but setting local targets contributes to national success.

3. Find inspiration and practical tools

  • Explore critical public health topics relevant to your work
  • Learn about successful programs, policies, and interventions
  • Look for evidence-based resources and tools your community, state, or organization can use

4. Monitor national progress — and use our data as a benchmark

  • Check for updates on progress toward achieving national objectives
  • Use our data to inform your policy and program planning
  • See how your progress compares to national data