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Happy, Healthy New Year from health.gov!

As the new year begins, many people are focused on healthier choices — and they may turn to health professionals like you for guidance. This year, let health.gov help you guide the way toward better health.

Healthy Eating

  • Looking for nutrition information to guide your patients’ food choices in 2020? The Dietary Guidelines for Americans Toolkit for Professionals has all kinds of materials designed to help you share information from the current Dietary Guidelines with your patients, clients, and peers. Note that our resources are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Want to make a broader impact on healthy eating? The Law and Health Policy Project released a report outlining policy solutions that can help communities increase fruit and vegetable intake in support of Healthy People 2020 nutrition-related objectives.
  • Working in health education? Consider using our free nutrition and physical activity workshop series! The Eat Healthy, Be Active Community Workshops are based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Physical Activity Guidelines for AmericansYou can use all 6, 1-hour workshops — or pick and choose the lessons that are most relevant to your community.

Physical Activity

  • Looking for information to guide your patients toward a more active lifestyle? The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans includes evidence-based physical activity recommendations for Americans ages 3 years and older — including people at increased risk for chronic disease — aimed at promoting health and preventing disease.
  • Want to provide patients and clients to tools they can use on their own? Steer them to the Move Your Way campaign, where they’ll find resources to use at home! Move Your Way includes resources — like fact sheets, posters, and videos — for adults, older adults, parents, teens, and kids.
  • Working with a youth population? Check out the National Youth Sports Strategy for ideas on how to help improve youth sports participation.

Preventive Health

  • Looking for guidance to share with your patients about the preventive services they need to stay healthy? Our myhealthfinder tool provides recommendations based on age, sex, and pregnancy status.
  • Want to learn what other communities have done to address issues like low colorectal cancer screening rates? Check out Healthy People’s Stories from the Field to explore success stories from communities across the country.
  • Working on health policy in your community or state? Stay in the know as we prepare to launch Healthy People 2030 this spring.

ODPHP is committed to supporting health professionals in helping their patients and clients live healthy lives. Here’s to a very healthy and happy 2020!

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