Consumer Health Content

ODPHP provides plain language content about health promotion and disease prevention through MyHealthfinder. Health professionals can use this prevention and wellness resource with patients and families as a health literacy tool.

MyHealthfinder includes evidence-based health information in English and Spanish that’s actionable and easy to use. MyHealthfinder provides personalized recommendations for clinical preventive services, and includes nearly 100 prevention and wellness topics.

The MyHealthfinder recommendations come from:

These recommendations are advised by organizations that include American Academy of Pediatrics (through the Bright Futures cooperative agreement) and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (formerly the Institute of Medicine).

MyHealthfinder’s plain language content has won numerous awards, including the ClearMark award for best plain language public sector website and the Web Health Award for Spanish content.

You can add all of this award-winning content to your site for free! Learn more about free web content available through MyHealthfinder.