Promoting Healthy People 2030

Help spread the word about Healthy People 2030! Our promotional toolkit contains sample social media messages and graphics, tips for promoting Healthy People 2030 on social media, and sample newsletter copy to share with your networks. 

Sample Social Media Messages and Graphics

Use these messages and graphics to post about Healthy People 2030 on social media:

How can I use Healthy People 2030 in my work?
Work with @HealthGov to improve health outcomes in communities nationwide! Explore #HP2030 resources:
How can I use Healthy People 2030 in my work?
Browse @HealthGov's #HP2030 objectives to learn about national goals to improve health — and see how these goals align with your community's health priorities: 
How can I use Healthy People 2030 in my work?
Setting local #PublicHealth targets contributes to nationwide success! Learn how you can use @HealthGov's #HP2030 data to set targets for programs in your community:
How can I use Healthy People 2030 in my work?
Browse #HP2030 resources from @HealthGov and learn about evidence-based programs, policies, and interventions you can use in your work: 
How can I use Healthy People 2030 in my work?
Check in for @HealthGov's updates on progress towards #HP2030 objectives — and compare national progress to your own!
Healthy People 2030 sets a shared vision to improve the nation's health. Because of COVID-19, that's now more important than ever.
Interested in #HP2030 objectives that are relevant to #COVID19? Check out our COVID-19 Custom List:
We heard you want an easy way to track objectives that are relevant to your work — and we listened! Now you can build your own custom list of Healthy People 2030 objectives.
Want to customize #HP2030 to address your health priorities? Use our new tool to easily track the objectives that matter most to you throughout the decade:
When we address social determinants of health, we reduce health disparities and work toward health equity! And that's a key focus of Healthy People 2030.
#DYK? Healthy People 2030 is committed to addressing social determinants of health and ultimately achieving #HealthEquity. Learn more: #HP2030
Wondering how national health objectives have changed in the new decade of Healthy People? We can help!
We created a tool that makes it easy to find out which Healthy People 2020 objectives have been modified, removed, or retained for Healthy People 2030. Check it out: #HP2030

Tips for Promoting Healthy People 2030 on Social Media

Use these tips whenever you post about Healthy People 2030 on social media:

  • Include one of the Healthy People 2030 graphics from this page to increase engagement — no permission needed
  • On Twitter, always use the #HP2030 hashtag and tag @HealthGov to increase your reach
  • Adapt messages from this page as needed to align with priorities in your community, state, or organization

To help your messages reach more people, use additional hashtags to mention relevant National Health Observances (NHOs). Check the NHO sponsor organization’s website, promotional materials, or Twitter account to find the official hashtag.

Check out ODPHP's monthly NHO roundups to learn about each month's featured NHOs — and look out for NHOs related to Healthy People 2030 topics and objectives.

"How to Use Healthy People" Graphic

How to Use HP2030 in your work

Sample Newsletter Content

Use or adapt this content to spread the word about Healthy People 2030 through your newsletter or blog.

Subject: Improve health and well-being for all with Healthy People 2030

Body: Since 1980, the Healthy People initiative has set goals and measurable objectives to improve health and well-being in the United States. The initiative's fifth edition, Healthy People 2030, builds on knowledge gained over the past 4 decades to address current and emerging public health priorities and challenges.

An interdisciplinary team of subject matter experts developed national health objectives and targets for the next 10 years. These objectives focus on the most high-impact public health issues, and reflect an increased focus on the social determinants of health — how the conditions where people live, work, and play affect their health and well-being.

By using Healthy People 2030 in your work, you can help improve health nationwide! Objectives are organized into intuitive topics so you can easily find data that's relevant to your work. And Healthy People 2030 provides evidence-based resources and tools you can use to set strategies for reaching Healthy People targets in your community, state, or organization. Start exploring Healthy People 2030 today!