October is Health Literacy Month

Since 1999, organizations around the world have been observing October as Health Literacy Month. It’s a time to bring attention to the importance of making health information easy to understand — and making the health care system easier to navigate.

The HHS Health Literacy Workgroup, which includes representatives from multiple HHS agencies, collaborates to ensure that improving health literacy remains a priority at the Department. This year, the Workgroup invites everyone to celebrate by participating in health literacy activities throughout the month.

Ways to Celebrate Health Literacy Month

Not sure what to do to celebrate health literacy month? Here are some ideas for health care professionals.

Learn More About Health Literacy

Interested in getting the facts about health literacy and why it’s so important? Check out some of our favorite health literacy resources from the following HHS agencies:

Tune in on Twitter

Finally, be sure to follow @HHSPrevention on Twitter — we’ll be sharing a Health Literacy Month tweets during the month of October.

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