Healthy People 2030’s Population Data Are Here!

ODPHP and the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) have released population data for many Healthy People 2030 objectives — and customizable charts and tables that display the data. 

These new data tools make it easy to track progress toward objective targets over the decade and to see how specific population groups are doing compared to national targets. You can also download the data to use for research or presentations.

After we heard from Healthy People users like you, we worked with NCHS to create dynamic data tools based on your feedback! Now it’s easy to customize charts and tables to see the data you are most interested in— at a level of detail that works for you.

In addition, our data tools let you view differences in health outcomes across populations, like by race/ethnicity, sex, and income level. You can use the tools to help you identify priority populations and decide where to focus your resources and efforts. 

To find population data for a specific objective, navigate to that objective’s page on the Healthy People 2030 Browse Objectives page. Once you find the objective you’re looking for, click the Data tab on the left-hand side to access population data tables and charts.

We’ll be adding population data for more objectives once those data are available, so be sure to check back often. And use our sample social media messages and graphics to help us spread the word about the new Healthy People 2030 data tools!

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