Check Out the New Clinical Preventive Services Infographic from Healthy People 2020

Each month, we release an infographic with the latest data related to a Healthy People 2020 Leading Health Indicator (LHI) topic. These infographics show progress toward Healthy People 2020 LHI targets — and show where there’s still work to be done.

This month’s featured LHI topic is Clinical Preventive Services. Check out the infographic below, then head over to the Healthy People 2020 LHI Infographic Gallery to see infographics for other LHI topic areas.

Infographic with data on clinical preventive services

About the Leading Health Indicators 

The Leading Health Indicators are a subset of 26 Heathy People 2020 objectives that communicate high-priority health issues. These indicators can help assess the health of the Nation, encourage collaboration across sectors, and motivate action to improve the health of the U.S. population at the national, state, and community levels.

Learn more about the Leading Health Indicators.

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