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Call for Nominations for the New National Clinical Care Commission!

ODPHP recently established the National Clinical Care Commissionto consider complex metabolic or autoimmune diseases that result from insulin-related issues and represent a significant disease burden in the United States. The Commission will consist of both federal and non-federal members who will provide recommendations to the Secretary and Congress on coordination and leveraging of federal programs related to these issues.

ODPHP is currently seeking nominations for non-federal Commission members. Interested individuals should submit a complete nomination package that includes:

  • A letter of nomination that clearly states the nominee’s name and affiliation, the basis for the nomination, and a statement from the nominee that indicates that the individual is willing to serve as a member of the Commission
  • A 1-page biography that describes the nominee’s qualifications and, if applicable, highlights relevant experience serving on other Federal Advisory Committees
  • The nominator’s name, address, and daytime telephone number
  • The address, telephone number, and email address of the individual being nominated
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae or resume, limited to no more than 30 pages

For more information, or if interested in submitting a nomination, please see the official notice posted in the Federal Register.

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