Promote Physical Activity and Healthy Eating with New Move Your Way Resources!

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion  developed the Move Your Way® campaign in 2018 to share key recommendations from the second edition of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Now HHS is releasing new Move Your Way resources for consumers that highlight simple steps people can take to get active and eat healthy. Share the new resources with your audiences today! 

Each resource, is available in English and Spanish, and uses a personal story to give simple, actionable tips for getting active and eating healthy. The stories are based on messaging from Move Your Way and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate campaign — which promotes guidance from the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The stories were created for these Move Your Way audiences:

Be sure to share the stories using our sample social media messages and graphics below, available in both English and Spanish, with your audiences to spread the word about the benefits of getting active and healthy eating! To find more social media messages and graphics, visit our audience-specific resource pages.


A man playing basketball in a wheelchair next to a quote: "I found a way to get active that works for me - and I'm making simple changes to eat healthier"
When it comes to eating healthy and being active, even small changes add up — and have real health benefits! Check out Jeff’s story for tips to #StartSimpleWithMyPlate and #MoveYourWay: @HealthGov

Older Adults

An older couple dances in their home, a quote reads "As we've gotten older, we've found new ways to get active and eat healthy together."
Staying active and eating healthy are great ways to help manage health problems and prevent new ones. Find out how John and Patty eat healthy and #GetActive together: #MoveYourWay #StartSimpleWithMyPlate @HealthGov

Pregnant People

A pregnant woman exercises in her home, a quote reads: "Even a few minutes of physical activity makes me feel better - and eating well help keeps me and my baby healthy."
Expecting parents: When it comes to making healthy eating and #PhysicalActivity part of your routine, small steps really do add up! [footprint emoji] Check out Nikia’s story for tips: #MoveYourWay #StartSimpleWithMyPlate  @HealthGov

Postpartum People

A woman walks with her children, a quote reads: "Life changes a lot with young kids. But I still try to make eating healthy and getting active part of my day."
Have a baby or young child at home? Looking for practical ways to eat healthy and #GetActive? Check out Joni’s story for tips: #MoveYourWay #StartSimpleWithMyPlate @HealthGov


A family walking in a park alongside a quote: "We're working together to get active and eat healthier - one step at a time."
Help parents #StartSimpleWithMyPlate and #MoveYourWay! Share the Rodriguez family’s story to encourage families to find foods and activities they can enjoy together: #DietaryGuidelines @HealthGov
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