Increase the proportion of people who wash their hands and surfaces often when preparing food — FS‑07

Status: Baseline only

Baseline only

Most Recent Data:
70.0 percent (2016)

74.0 percent

Desired Direction:
Increase desired

70.0 percent of consumers correctly followed the recommendation to properly clean hands in 2016

Increase the proportion of consumers who follow the key food safety practice of "Clean: wash hands and surfaces often"

Target-Setting Method
Percentage point improvement

Data Source:  Food Safety Survey, FDA


Although most people know it’s important to wash their hands and items that food touches while preparing meals, many people still don’t. Washing hands and surfaces often can reduce people’s risk of getting sick from the food they prepare and eat. Strategies to change handwashing and food-handling behaviors are critical for preventing diseases caused by contaminated food.

Workgroup: Food Safety Workgroup