Healthy People 2030 will release a large collection of new data, tools, and resources over the decade. Check out our timeline to learn more.


2020 to present

Beginning of the decade

2022 to 2029

Throughout the decade

  • Conduct ongoing assessment of progress toward achieving national objectives
  • Publish demographic data, disparities data and state-level data for core objectives 
  • Engage Healthy People State and Territorial Coordinators
  • Facilitate Healthy People 2030 Champion Learning Collaboratives and related capacity-building opportunities for the Healthy People 2030 Champion Program
  • Release Midcourse Report to provide a snapshot of progress toward Healthy People 2030 objectives
  • Publish updates and additions to evidence-based resources
  • Publish at least 2 data points for each core objective 
  • Introduce new objectives to address emerging public health issues (through 2025)
  • Release additional resources to support implementation, including Healthy People in Action posts
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of Leading Health Indicators
  • Begin Healthy People 2040 development (in 2026)

2028 to 2030

Near the end of the decade

  • Publish final Healthy People 2030 data 
  • Begin developing the Healthy People 2030 Final Review report