Healthy People 2030 will release lots of new data, tools, and resources over the decade. Check out our timeline to learn more.



This year

  • Launch Healthy People 2030
  • Release data for core objectives  
  • Set targets for core objectives 
  • Release Leading Health Indicators 
  • Release Overall Health and Well-Being Measures
  • Release Healthy People 2020 Final Review Executive Summary

2021 to 2029

Throughout the decade

  • Release Healthy People 2020 Final Review Report
  • Add disparities data, state-level data, and demographic data for core objectives 
  • Collect midcourse data and release midcourse report 
  • Add at least 2 data points for each core objective 
  • Release more resources to support implementation, including Stories from the Field and additional Evidence-Based Resources
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of progress toward achieving national objectives
  • Conduct ongoing assessment of Leading Health Indicators 

2028 to 2030

At the end of the decade

  • Start developing Healthy People 2040 
  • Collect final Healthy People 2030 data 
  • Start developing the Healthy People 2030 Final Review report