Reduce consumption of added sugars by people aged 2 years and over — NWS‑10

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Status: Baseline only

Baseline only

Most Recent Data:
13.5 percent (2013-16) *

11.5 percent  *

Desired Direction:
Decrease desired

13.5 percent was the mean percentage of calories from added sugars consumed by persons aged 2 years and over in 2013-16 *

Age adjusted to the year 2000 standard population.

Reduce the consumption of calories from added sugars by persons aged 2 years and over

Target-Setting Method


Added sugars in foods and drinks can make it hard for people to get the nutrients they need without getting too many calories. People who eat too much added sugar may be at higher risk for tooth decay and obesity. But many people in the United States consume too much added sugar. Pricing strategies and education interventions in schools may help people limit foods and drinks with added sugars. Encouraging people to use the Nutrition Facts label can also help them track their consumption of added sugars.