Status: Baseline only

Baseline only

Most Recent Data:
3.31 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL) (2013-16)

1.18 µg/dL

Desired Direction:
Decrease desired

3.31 micrograms per deciliter (µg/dL) was the concentration level of lead in blood samples at which 97.5 percent of the population aged 1 to 5 years was at or below in 2013-16

Reduce blood lead levels in children aged 1 to 5 years

Target-Setting Method


There’s no safe blood lead level for children. Lead can damage children’s kidneys, blood, and brains — and at high levels it can cause coma, seizures, and death. Children are most likely to be exposed to lead in older housing with lead-based paint. Strategies to keep young children from coming into contact with lead are critical for reducing their blood lead levels.