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You’re getting more active because you want to:

    Stay motivated!

    Being active has lots of health benefits — and every minute of activity counts.

    Stick with it!

    • Watch this video to learn tips for getting motivated.

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    Do you have a disability, chronic condition, or injury?

    There are lots of ways you can adapt the activities in this tool to work for you. Check out these resources.

    Physical activity and healthy eating - the perfect pair to protect your health!


    • Fun and games aren't just for kids. Find an activity you really enjoy — whether it's soccer or swimming, biking or ballet. You can have fun, let off steam, and stay fit at the same time.

    • If you’re just starting out, pick an activity you enjoy and take it slow and easy. Once you get the hang of it, you can build on it — or try something new.

    Want to learn more? Check out the Move Your Way website to see fact sheets, more videos, and other resources to help you and your family get moving.

    This week, you’re planning to do:

    Aerobic activity: Aim for 150 minutes

    of moderate-intensity aerobic activity

    Muscle-strengthening activity: Aim for 2 days

    of muscle-strengthening activity
    Review your plan

    Add up your minutes of aerobic activity and number of muscle-strengthening sessions, and include both totals in the bottom row of this tracker for each day.

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