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Systematic Review

Source: The Guide to Community Preventive Services

Last Reviewed: June 2005

Workgroups: Tobacco Use Workgroup

The Community Preventive Services Task Force recommends worksite-based incentives and competitions, combined with other interventions, to support people’s efforts to quit and reduce their tobacco use. These interventions offer rewards to individual workers and to teams to motivate people to participate. People may get rewards just for participating, for changing a specific behavior, or both. Rewards may include:

  • Guaranteed money
  • Lottery chances for money or other prizes 
  • Return of voluntary payroll withholdings
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Guide to Community Preventive Services. (2005). Tobacco Use: Incentives and Competitions to Increase Smoking Cessation Among Workers – When Combined With Additional Interventions. Retrieved from https://www.thecommunityguide.org/findings/tobacco-use-incentives-and-competitions-increase-smoking-cessation-workers-combined-additional-interventions