Increase past-year attempts to quit smoking in adults — TU‑11

Status: Little or no detectable change

Little or no detectable change

Most Recent Data:
55.3 percent (2022) *

65.7 percent  *

Desired Direction:
Increase desired

56.0 percent of adult smokers aged 18 years and over attempted to stop smoking for 1 day or more in the past 12 months or quit during the past year in 2020 *

Age adjusted to the year 2000 standard population.

Increase smoking quit attempts in the past year among adult smokers

Target-Setting Method
Percentage point improvement


Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Most people try to quit smoking several times before they succeed. Counseling and medications can help people quit smoking — and strategies to raise awareness and provide insurance coverage for these treatments can increase quit attempts.

Topic:  Tobacco Use

Workgroup: Tobacco Use Workgroup