Status: Baseline only

Baseline only

Most Recent Data:
32.1 percent (2015) *

43.8 percent  *

Desired Direction:
Increase desired

32.1 percent of current adult smokers aged 18 years and over who tried to quit during the past year and former adult smokers who quit during the past 2 years reported using cessation counseling and/or medication during the past year as part of a quit attempt in 2015  *

Age adjusted to the year 2000 standard population.

Increase use of smoking cessation counseling and/or medication among adult smokers

Target-Setting Method


Cigarette smoking causes cancer and early death. Counseling and medication make it more likely that people will successfully quit smoking. These treatments are effective on their own and even more effective when used together. Strategies to raise awareness and provide insurance coverage for these treatments make it more likely that people will use them.

Workgroup: Tobacco Use Workgroup