Goal: Promote the health and safety of people at work.

Although workplace safety has improved in recent decades, many people still get injured or die on the job. Healthy People 2030 focuses on preventing work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths by making workplaces safer. 

Because people spend so much time working, their work environment has a major impact on their health. Many people develop hearing loss, skin diseases, or lung problems from exposure at work. Others are at risk of falling or being assaulted while working.  

Interventions tailored to certain industries — like efforts to prevent falls in the construction industry — can help reduce work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Employers can also help improve people’s health and well-being by banning smoking in the workplace and offering employee health promotion programs. 

Objective Status

  • 2 Target met or exceeded
  • 2 Improving
  • 3 Little or no detectable change
  • 1 Getting worse
  • 0 Baseline only
  • 5 Developmental
  • 1 Research

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