Reduce the rate of mother-to-child HIV transmission — HIV‑06 Data Methodology and Measurement

About the National Data


Baseline: 1.3 perinatally acquired HIV infections per 100,000 live births occurred in 2015

Target: 0.9 per 100,000

Number of perinatally acquired HIV infections whose birth occurred in the United States.
Total number of live births in the United States.
Target-setting method
Maintain consistency with national programs, regulations, policies, or laws
Target-setting method justification
The target was selected to align with the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, updated to 2020. Using principles of disease elimination, the elimination goal <1 infection per 100,000 live births was set.


Methodology notes

Rates are per 100,000 live births in the United States. The data include all persons reported to NHSS with infection attributed to perinatal exposure and whose case record denoted the United States as place of birth. These data exclude persons who were born in an U.S. dependent area or a foreign country or whose residence at birth was unknown or missing from the case record.

Denominator data are based on total number of live births that occurred in the United States. Birth data are obtained from the National Center of Health Statistics vital statistics data.


Comparable HP2020 objective
Modified, which includes core objectives that are continuing from Healthy People 2020 but underwent a change in measurement.
Changes between HP2020 and HP2030
This objective differs from Healthy People 2020 objective HIV-8.1 in that HIV-8.1 tracked the number of infants born with perinatal HIV infection, while this objective tracks the rate of perinatal HIV infection for US born infants.
Trend issues
Data for 2020 should be interpreted with caution due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to HIV testing, care-related services, and case surveillance activities in state/local jurisdictions. Rates are per 100,000 live births. Because of delays in the reporting of births and diagnoses of HIV infection attributed to perinatal exposure, these numbers may be subject to change. Please use caution when interpreting perinatally acquired HIV infection numbers.