Increase knowledge of HIV status — HIV‑02

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Status: Little or no detectable change

Little or no detectable change

Most Recent Data:
86.7 percent (2019)

95.0 percent

Desired Direction:
Increase desired

85.8 percent of persons aged 13 years and over living with HIV were aware of their HIV infection in 2017

Increase the proportion of persons who know their HIV status

Target-Setting Method
Maintain consistency with national programs, regulations, policies, or laws


People are most likely to get HIV from people who don’t know they have it, people who know they have it but aren’t getting treatment, or people getting care for HIV who don’t have it under control. Testing everyone ages 13 to 64 years for HIV at least once in their lifetime — and testing people at high risk for HIV at least once a year — can lead to early diagnosis and treatment.

Workgroup: HIV Workgroup