Hospital and Emergency Services

Goal: Prevent hospital visits and improve emergency department and hospital care.

Every year in the United States, there are about 36 million hospital stays.1 Healthy People 2030 focuses on reducing preventable hospital visits and improving hospital care, including follow-up services.

In the emergency department, timely care is critical for improving health outcomes. People staying in the hospital also need high-quality care to reduce their risk of having complications or developing infections. And many people need follow-up care once they leave the hospital.

Many hospital stays and emergency department visits are preventable. Strategies to connect people to a primary care provider, promote healthy behaviors, and create safe environments are key to reducing hospital visits.

Objective Status

  • 5 Target met or exceeded
  • 4 Improving
  • 5 Little or no detectable change
  • 2 Getting worse
  • 6 Baseline only
  • 15 Developmental
  • 0 Research

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