Reduce the proportion of people under 21 years who engaged in binge drinking in the past month — SU‑09

Status: Little or no detectable change

Little or no detectable change

Most Recent Data:
11.1 percent (2019)

8.4 percent

Desired Direction:
Decrease desired

11.4 percent of persons aged 12 to 20 years reported binge drinking in the past 30 days in 2018

Reduce the proportion of persons under 21 years of age engaging in binge drinking of alcoholic beverages during the past 30 days

Target-Setting Method
Percentage point improvement


Underage drinking is associated with motor vehicle crashes, injuries, overdoses, fights, and suicide. Binge drinking increases the risk of these negative outcomes. Strategies to reduce underage binge drinking include screening, brief intervention programs, and raising alcohol prices.