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In a recent essay titled, “The Tribe Or The Person,” famed marketing guru, Seth Godin, asks, “are you trying to change an individual or are you trying to incite/inspire/redirect the tribe?”

The question is critical for any change agent, according to Godin, and the two answers should lead to very different approaches.…


The True Meaning of Sedentary

The start of a new year sparks considerable conversation on losing weight, exercising more, and eating a healthier diet. While these are great stepping stones to leading a healthier lifestyle, they may not be enough to ward off chronic health conditions and mortality. Recent research findings are revealing that sitting too much during the day can be detrimental to an individual’s health regardless of whether or not they meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans.…


The obesity epidemic is a well-known crisis. Polling indicates that overwhelming majorities of the public are aware of the crisis, particularly as it relates to children. Obesity may be a resilient and notoriously complex issue to address, but it’s no longer developing in the shadows of the public health landscape.…

This week, we introduce New York City’s Active Design Guidelines, and share a popular press description of research on sedentary behavior:


·        NY releases design guidelines to aid fitness  (Source:  Boston Globe) New York City recently unveiled Active Design Guidelines to increase physical activity in and around public buildings.  View the guidelines here: