Plan ahead with a year’s worth of webinars from America Walks

Written by ODPHP

With 2015 drawing to a close, we look toward 2016 and all we can do to support physical activity. America Walks, host of the Walking Summit, announced an extensive schedule of webinars for the New Year. See below for the many opportunities you have to learn more and get engaged in the walking movement.  

America Walks 2016 Webinars

Series 1: Tools for the Field

There is a wealth of resources available to the walking movement. From webinars to toolkits to step-by-step guides, these tools provide the information and guidance necessary to take the first step on the path to a walkable America. Join America Walks for a presentation of some of the resources available to the walking movement, hear from experts on how best to use them and learn from real-life examples on their challenges and successes.

  • Livable Communities for all Ages (January 14) – Register Here! 
  • Planning for Walkable Communities: A Transferable Training Program     from Kentucky (February 11)- Register Here! 
  • Exploring Tactical Urbanism (March 10) – Register Here! 

Series 2: Call to Action in Action

The release of the Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Walking & Walkable Communities in September 2015 was a watershed moment for the walking movement. Its release provided leadership and motivation for governments, businesses and organizations to address the numerous barriers to safe, active mobility and promote the multiple health benefits of walking. Join America Walks in looking at the great work that has been done since its launch and what is next.

  • Surgeon General’s Call to Action – Walking as a Practice (April 14)     – Register Here! 
  • Surgeon General’s Call to Action on the Ground (May 12) – Register Here!
  • Surgeon General’s Call to Action – What’s Next? (June 9) – Register Here!

Series 3: Expanding the Movement

At the 2015 National Walking Summit, keynote speaker Ron Sims reminded us that though we may work as individuals, we are part of a larger walking movement and stronger than we realize. What can we do to expand this movement? Join America Walks as they explore possible new partners in the work towards making America a great place to walk, learning and growing with organizations, industries and communities that are already in step with the walking movement.

  • Friends and Allies for the Walking Movement (July 14) – Register Here! 
  • The First and Last Mile: Partnering with Public Transportation (September 8) – Register Here! 

Series 4: Walking is for Everyone

The human body is made to walk and the built environment needs to match this. How can individuals, organizations and governments work to make sure that every American has equal access to safe, accessible and convenient places to walk? Join America Walks on an exploration of some of the barriers to a walkable America and ways that we can all begin to address these challenges.

  • A Movement of Individuals: Tools for the Advocate (October 13) – Register Here! 
  • Creating Vibrant Communitites with the Community in Mind: Development and Gentrification (November 10) – Register Here! 

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