5 Unique Ways to Stay Active

Written by Guard Your Health

Like many people, you probably associate cooler weather with pumpkins, falling leaves, and apple cider. As cooler weather and shorter days usher in, you may be spending more time indoors and finding it harder to stay active – and we don’t blame you! While it’s easy for cool days or bad weather to keep you from working out, there are unique ways to stay active and motivated no matter what the weather brings.

Luckily, Guard Your Health, a health and wellness campaign developed for Army National Guard Soldiers and their family members, has tips to help you stay fit and active all year long. Guard Your Health provides information, tools, and resources that promote comprehensive fitness and overall wellbeing. While developed for Army National Guard Soldiers and families, the campaign’s main platform, GuardYourHealth.com, is accessible to anyone looking for health, wellness, and fitness content.

1. Sign up for FitText

FitText is a text messaging initiative by Guard Your Health that provides health, wellness, and fitness tips straight to your phone. After signing up, subscribers receive a text message with a fitness tip or wellness reminder 2-3 times per week. FitText keeps fitness top-of-mind and helps you stay motivated. Anyone can sign up by texting FIT to 703-997-6747. Standard SMS rates apply.

2. Get Creative

If you dread going on a run or working out at the gym, think about other ways you can stay active. Sometimes your favorite activities, like golfing and playing catch, burn an impressive number of calories. Before it gets too cold, try some of the activities in the infographic above, and check out other Guard Your Health fitness infographics and articles for more ideas on how to work up a sweat throughout the entire year.

3. Take Breaks From Sitting

Are you spending a huge amount of time sitting – at work, at home, or in the car? Your job doesn’t have to stop you from getting up and moving. Work out during your lunch break, stretch often, or try one of these other tips to stay active during the workday.

4. Use a Fitness App

It seems like everyone has a smartphone these days. Put that phone to good use by downloading (and actually using) a fitness app! Apps like RunKeeper and Fitness Buddy can motivate you with fun exercises and help you track your progress. Check out these other apps!

5. Workout While Watching TV 

Watching television doesn’t have to only be time to sit and snack. Use commercial breaks to get in a workout, or turn a favorite TV show into an exercise game. For example, if you are watching a baseball game, do 30 seconds of high-knees for every homerun or 15 burpees for every new inning. Check out other TV Watching Workouts on the Guard Your Health blog.

It can be hard to find time to fit in a daily workout, but these unique tips can help anyone stay fit throughout the year.

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