Reduce emergency department visits for children under 5 years with asthma — RD‑02 Data Methodology and Measurement

About the National Data


Baseline: 118.4 emergency department visits for asthma per 10,000 children under 5 years occurred in 2016-18

Target: 64.3 per 10,000

Number of visits to the emergency department with a first-listed diagnosis of asthma (ICD-10-CM codes J45.0-J45.998) among children under 5 years.
Number of children under 5 years.
Target-setting method
Minimal statistical significance
Target-setting method details
Minimal statistical significance, assuming the same standard error for the target as for the baseline.
Target-setting method justification
Trend data using ICD-10-CM were not available for this objective. The standard error was used to calculate a target based on minimal statistical significance, assuming the same standard error for the target as for the baseline. This method was used because it was a statistically significant improvement from the baseline.


Methodology notes

FOR MULTIPLE DATA YEARS: Emergency department visit rates are calculated based on sum of July 1 estimates of the civilian noninstitutionalized populations for each of the data years involved (e.g., the denominator of a rate for 2016-2018 combined is the sum of the population estimates for 2016, 2017, and 2018). The population estimates are from the Vintage matching the data year for the postcensal period based on the 2010 census (e.g., July 1, 2016 civilian noninstitutionalized population estimates from Vintage 2016). July 1, 2020 population estimates based on the 2010 census are used for 2020.


Comparable HP2020 objective
Modified, which includes core objectives that are continuing from HP2020 but underwent a change in measurement.
Changes between HP2020 and HP2030
This objective differs from Healthy People 2020 objective RD-3.1, which used ICD-9-CM codes to track emergency department visits for asthma. This objectives uses ICD-10-CM codes which were fully transitioned to in 2016.
Revision History

In 2022, the baseline was revised from 129.6 per 10,000 in 2013-15 to 118.4 per 10,000 in 2016-18 because NHAMCS completed the transition from ICD-9-CM to ICD-10-CM in 2016. The target was revised from 65.7 per 10,000 to 64.3 per 10,000 using the original target setting method.