Maintain the elimination of measles, rubella, congenital rubella syndrome, and polio — IID‑01 Data Methodology and Measurement

About the National Data


Baseline: 0 endemic cases of measles, rubella, CRS, or acute paralytic poliomyelitis occurred in 2018

Target: 0 endemic cases

Number of confirmed endemic cases of measles, rubella, CRS, and polio.
Target-setting method
Maintain consistency with national programs, regulations, policies, or laws
Target-setting method justification
The target was selected to align with the World Health Assembly, the Pan American Health Association, the Measles and Rubella Initiative, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative because as a member, the United States agrees to maintain zero endemic measles, rubella, congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), and paralytic polio cases. A target-setting method of trend analysis of endemic cases following introduction of vaccines was used to determine initial national targets of zero for all of the diseases in this objective.


Methodology notes

Case definitions for endemic cases of measles, rubella, CRS, and polio are available from CDC. Confirmed and probable imported or import linked cases will not be included in the case count.


Comparable HP2020 objective
Modified, which includes core objectives that are continuing from Healthy People 2020 but underwent a change in measurement.
Changes between HP2020 and HP2030
This objective differs from the related Healthy People 2020 objectives in that it is a composite of objective IID-1.1, which tracked vaccine-preventable congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) among children under 1 year of age; objective IID-1.4, which tracked measles cases; objective IID-1.8, which tracked acute paralytic poliomyelitis cases; and objective IID-1.9, which tracked rubella cases. The Healthy People 2020 objectives tracked U.S.-acquired cases, while this objective tracks endemic cases.