About the National Data


Baseline: 37.1 stroke deaths per 100,000 population occurred in 2018 (age adjusted to the year 2000 standard population)

Target: 33.4 stroke deaths per 100,000 population

Number of deaths with stroke as the underlying cause (ICD-10 codes: I60-I69).
Number of persons.
Target-setting method

Percent improvement

Target-setting method details
10 percent improvement from the baseline.
Target-setting method justification
Trend data were evaluated for this objective, but it was not possible to project a target because the trend over the last decade was quadratic. The recent trend since 2013 was increasing, thus the analysis based on the last decade of data was not a reliable predictor given the recent shift in direction. A 10 percent improvement from the baseline was used to calculate a target. This method was used because recent trends suggested progress toward reducing stroke deaths is slowing in contrast to the progress observed in previous decades.


Comparable HP2020 objective
Retained, which includes core objectives that are continuing from HP2020 with no change in measurement.