Increase the proportion of adults who talk to friends or family about their health — HC/HIT‑04 Healthy People in Action

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Coming Together to Address Loneliness and Isolation

Posted on May 29, 2024 by ODPHP

Health and Well-Being Matter. ODPHP Director RDML Paul Reed, MD.
People need people. We connect with one another as family and friends, through the communities within which we live, in our workplaces, across support networks that stretch beyond our geographic location, and in many other ways that — whether we intend them to or not — help fulfill our fundamental human need to socialize and interact. All these encounters, big and small, add up and reflect an individual’s level of connection with the world — a vital ingredient in developing and maintaining overall health and well-being. This connection is a social imperative that we, both individually and as communities, have come to overlook far too often.

Sacramento Public Library and Healthy People: Prioritizing Health Literacy to Meet Community Members’ Needs

Posted on October 26, 2022 by ODPHP

Healthy People 2020.
This post describes how Sacramento Public Library, a Healthy People 2030 Champion, contributed to progress towardHealthy People 2020 objectives — as well as Healthy People 2030 objectives under the social determinants of health domain Social and Community Context.