About the National Data


Baseline: 8.0 percent of adults aged 35 years and over received all of the recommended high priority appropriate clinical preventive services in 2015

Target: 10.9 percent

Number of adults aged 35 and over who have received all the appropriate clinical preventive services recommended for them.
Number of eligible adults aged 35 years and over selected from the MEPS-Household Component to participate in the survey.
Target-setting method

Percentage point improvement

Target-setting method details
Percentage point improvement from the baseline using Cohen's h effect size of 0.10.
Target-setting method justification
Trend data were not available for this objective. A percentage point improvement was calculated using Cohen's h effect size of 0.1. This method was used because this is a new objective to Healthy People and only one data point was available. The Healthy People 2030 Workgroup Subject Matter Experts viewed this as an ambitious yet achievable target given the increasing emphasis on quality measurement and value-based care.


Comparable HP2020 objective
Related, which includes objectives that have the same or a similar intent to either a measurable or developmental/archived objective in HP2020.



Effect size h=0.1 was chosen to correspond with 10% improvement from a baseline of 50%.