Status: Target met or exceeded

Target met or exceeded

Most Recent Data:
36.4 percent (2018-19)

35.8 percent

Desired Direction:
Increase desired

31.1 percent of children aged 9 through 35 months were screened for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental delays in the past 12 months, as reported in 2016-17

Increase the proportion of children who receive a developmental screening

Target-Setting Method
Percentage point improvement


National guidelines recommend developmental screenings at ages 9, 18, and 24 to 30 months. Health care providers do these developmental screenings to see how well children are learning, talking, moving, and interacting with others. This helps providers identify developmental problems and get children the care they need. Strategies to make sure more providers use standardized tools to screen children at regular well-child visits can help increase the proportion of children who get developmental screenings.