A surprising 30 percent of drug prescriptions are never filled and up to 50 percent are not continued as prescribed, especially after the first six months. National Patient Safety Awareness Week (March 13-19, 2016) provides an opportunity to highlight the unique role of clinical pharmacists in improving patient safety by ensuring that patients understand how to take their medication as prescribed.
Recent headlines about antibiotic-resistant superbugs might make people wonder how to stay safe when receiving medical care. With an estimated 1 in 25 patients acquiring infections while hospitalized on any given day, it is important to be aware of the risks. Public health agencies and health care providers, as well as patients and their families, all have critical roles to play in keeping patients safe.
Every day, media reports about opioid overdose bring attention to growing concerns about the risks associated with this class of medication. Opioid overdose—as the result of unintentional dosage error, aberrant medication-related behavior, and other factors—is just one example of an adverse drug event (ADE) that is a significant cause of drug-related injury