National Physical Activity Plan – Get Involved

Written by the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance (NPAPA)

In the coming months, the National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP) will celebrate its 5th anniversary at the 2015 National Physical Activity Plan Congress. Since its launch, the NPAP has acted as a roadmap to policy makers and advocates to create a more physically active nation. This strategic plan is comprised of 240+ evidence-based recommendations for change in the policies and systems that guide the environments in which all Americans live, work, learn, play, and commute.

Over the past 5 years the field of physical activity and public health has continued to evolve and the time to review and update the National Physical Activity Plan’s content and structure is here! 

In an effort to update and revise the National Physical Activity Plan, the Alliance has composed a survey to collect public comment on the existing version of the Plan. To date, over 900 American’s have provided valuable comments that will help shape the next iteration of the Plan. However, we want to hear from you!

  • How do we get there?
  • What strategies and tactics do you think need to be added to the current version of the plan?
  • What strategies should be identified as high priority during the revision?
  • How can we incorporate these changes and make the Plan more user-friendly and successful?

Please share your thoughts on how we should move forward as a nation by:

These opportunities represent important opportunities to shape the next iteration of the Plan and we invite all Americans to provide feedback on the Plan. Ultimately, the NPAP will reach success when the vast majority of Americans regularly meet or surpass the Physical Activity Guidelines. For this reason, the update of the NPAP is crucial in order to ensure the Plan’s ongoing growth and success!